Monday, March 10, 2014

Cooking Dilemmas

So are you all thrown out of kilter due to the time change over the weekend? I’ll admit I’m feeling a bit off, and that’s probably due to lack of sleep time. It shouldn’t last long, and we’ll soon be back to normal!

I’ve decided that I need to get back to trying some new recipes. Lately I’ve been stuck in the same old food rut, and need to dig my way out. The main issue with meal preparation here is that I’m often preparing 2 meals at a time due to certain dietary requirements. One person in the household has major food restrictions due to medical problems and personal preferences. That leaves the rest of us to either eat in the same manner (which we don’t really want to do) or eat what we like, thus causing the extra food preparation. Sometimes I can combine enough meal components to satisfy everyone without too much extra work, and at other times it leads to 2 completely different meals at the same time. Have any of you run into that problem? If so, what was your solution?

I bought some divided plates with lids and am trying to plan some meals that I can prepare ahead of time and freeze, then just thaw at serving time. That still wouldn’t cure the repetitious meal issue. For that I think I need to return to the Recipe Experiment that somehow fell by the wayside several months back. And with spring around the corner there will be so many great opportunities to try new, lighter fare!

Time to break out the cookbooks!
Have you tried the microwave baked potato bags? I was very curious and ended up buying one at a local store over the weekend. Last night I planned baked potatoes for dinner and was looking forward to trying out my new “toy”. The directions stated not to use on High power, but there were no instructions at all as to what microwave power to use. Instructions said to wash the potatoes and put them in the bag while still damp. I put 2 potatoes in the bag and followed the instructions. After 4 minutes at 50% power, they were still hard. Incremental heating took about 12 minutes total, then I took them out and wrapped them in foil. They did turn out fine, but I’m wondering what would happen if I use 70% or 80% power next time. What has your experience been?

I’ve seen the bags at craft shows, and might just have to find a pattern and make my own if this one doesn’t work out.
This week’s celebrations/observances:

Monday (10) – Fill Our Staplers Day, *International Day Of Awesomeness, Napping Day and *Salvation Army Day

Tuesday (11) – *Johnny Appleseed Day, Organize Your Home Office Day and *World Plumbing Day

Thursday (13) – *Donald Duck Day, *Good Samaritan Involvement Day and National Open An Umbrella Indoors Day

Friday (14) – *Potato Chip Day and *International Ask A Question Day

Saturday (15) – *Ides of March, National Quilting Day and Corn Dog Day

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