Monday, February 10, 2014

Flowers For Your Sweetie

detailed-image-of-rose_w725_h544Valentine’s Day is this Friday – have you ordered flowers yet? If not, you still have a little time. Are you aware of the traditional meanings of different posies? Long ago small bouquets called “Tussie Mussies” were assembled based on the message that the sender wanted to convey. This is a sweet tradition, and one that should possibly be renewed. Wouldn’t you love to receive a fragrant, small bouquet full of meaning and sweet sentiment? I would think it would have more meaning than a room full of hybrid roses!

Here are some familiar flowers and their meanings:

Aster – love

Begonia – warning

red – aching heart
white – truth
yellow – slighted love
Daffodil – chivalry

Daisy – innocence

Forget-Me-Not – true love

Gardenia – secret love

dark – melancholy
pink – preference
red – comforting
Gladiolas – recovery

Hibiscus – grace

Hyacinth – sorrow

Iris – messenger

Ivy – fidelity

Lavender – distrust

purple – love begins
white – innocence
Lily – purity

Magnolia – dignity

Orchid – beautiful lady

Pansy – remembrance

Peony – bashfulness

Petunia – anger

red – love
white – innocence
yellow – infidelity
single – simplicity
Snapdragon – indifference

red – declaration of love
variegated – beautiful eyes
yellow – hopeless love
Violet – modesty

Zinnia – thinking of you

Why not put together a personalized bouquet using these traditional meanings for your favorite person on Valentine’s Day?
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“Keep your feet on the ground, but let your heart soar as high as it will.”

(A. W. Tozer, American pastor and author)
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