Monday, October 7, 2013

Strange Food Superstitions & More

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was very rainy, but today is nice. It is looking much more like fall, with leaves changing color and falling. It’s now time to hunt for those pumpkins and mums for the front porch!
I had an eggplant that needed to be prepared, so last night I sliced it lengthwise about 1/2” thick, brushed it on both sides with olive oil and sprinkled it with Italian seasoning, garlic powder and pepper, then roasted it at 400 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes, turning about halfway through. I sprayed a baking dish with cooking spray then layered the slices with marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese. A couple of minutes under the broiler, and the Eggplant Marinara Stacks were done – and tasty! It was pretty much a simple version of Eggplant Parmesan.
With Halloween come many superstitions and “scary” events. There are many superstitions attached to the food we eat, and most of them we’ve never heard of. Are you familiar with these?

1) Apples: If you peel an apple, try to keep the peel as long as possible before it breaks. Toss it on a table – the initial it forms is the first initial of your true love. Also, long ago it was believed that the number of seeds in an apple represented the number of children you would have.

2) Bananas: Cutting a banana with a knife is bad luck. Instead, break the banana in small pieces. Also, fishermen used to refuse to have bananas on their fishing vessels, thinking that they would not catch fish or would possibly get lost at sea.

3) Blackeyed Peas: Eaten on New Year’s Day (often in Hoppin’ John) they’re thought to bring good luck and prosperity in the new year.

4) Bread: It was long ago thought that if you cut a loaf of bread and there was a hole in it someone would die soon – that hole represented a coffin.

5) Coffee: If there are bubbles on top of your coffee, eat them from a spoon – you’ll get unexpected money.

6) Eggs: They symbolize fertility, and farmers long ago tossed eggs on their fields to guarantee a good yield. If you break an egg and it has a double yolk, someone will marry soon or have twins. If the yolk has a black spot, it’s a bad omen. If no yolk at all, it’s an especially bad omen! It was thought that you should crush the broken egg shells to keep a witch from picking them up and sailing away in them, causing terrible storms at sea.

7) Garlic: Thought to keep evil spirits, vampires and the evil eye away. But it’s also extremely good for you!

8) Hot Peppers: Do not hand someone a hot pepper directly – it will cause disagreements. Instead, place the pepper on a counter for them to pick up.

9) Knives: As with hot peppers, do not hand them directly to someone. Doing this is said to separate people. Also, do not give knives as a gift to a friend – if you do, ask for a penny in payment.

10) Noodles: The Chinese have long thought that the length of the noodle represented length of life. Never cut a noodle as that “cuts life short”.

11) Oranges: If you give someone an orange, they will fall in love with you.

12) Parsley: Giving it as a gift is bad luck. And planting the seeds helps a woman become pregnant.

13) Peanuts: Never eat them at a performance or event – it is bad luck for the participants.

14) Rice: Through the centuries, throwing rice over the new bride and groom was thought to bring them good health and prosperity.

15) Salt: If you spill salt you’ll have bad luck; however, throw some over your left shoulder with your right hand and all will be well.

16) Silverware: If you drop a fork, a woman will visit. If you drop a knife, a man will visit. If you drop a spoon, a child will visit.

17) Tea: Two people should never pour tea from the same pot – it’s bad luck. Leaving the lid off the pot while brewing tea means a stranger will visit. If you put milk in your tea before sugar you may never marry. If you spill tea a stranger will visit. And if there is undissolved sugar in the bottom of your cup someone is in love with you.

18) Wishbone: Two people should break it with their pinky fingers. The one who has the longest piece will have good luck and receives a wish.

Today is Techie’s Day, Child Health Day, World Habitat Day & “You Matter to Me” Day. You all DO matter to me!

Tomorrow we’ll observe National Face Your Fears Day & National Pierogy Day. Do you love pierogies? Yum!
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  1. Hello :) A lot of sites say it is bad luck to cut a banana. I asked " why " in my Google search....and no answer ! Could you perhaps shed some light on this question ? Thanks and happy cooking !

    1. Hi Sunny! Thanks for your comment and readership. I did some more research, and it appears this superstition is pretty much like a lot of will just bring bad luck. I couldn't find origins or other information. If I find more information about those superstitions I'll certainly post it. Hope you'll continue reading From Grammie's Kitchen. Have a great week!