Monday, September 9, 2013

Cookbook Bargains!

Last weekend I made a trip to the local Half Price Books store, mainly because they were having a 20%-off-everything sale. I love that store and could spend hours wandering through it, but I especially enjoy poring over the Clearance racks on the back wall. There are always several good buys on those shelves, and most of the time I have to restrain myself to avoid going crazy and spending more than I should! I did find 2 good cookbooks, though, as well as a novel for myself and one for my husband. (If there’s a Half Price Books near you, be sure to check it out!)

The first cookbook was a Gooseberry Patch cookbook, and has already become an enjoyable addition to my stack of GBP cookbooks. It’s called Family Favorite Recipes, with 200+ recipes that cover everything from appetizers to desserts. It was published in 2009, and includes hints and tips for gift-giving and decorating. The Gooseberry Patch cookbooks, including their Christmas series, are always a fun read!

The other cookbook is The Everything Cake Mix Cookbook, written by Sarah K. Sawyer and published in 2009. It is full of recipes that start with a simple box cake mix – more than 300 of them!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking through these 2 books, and hope to start preparing some of the recipes right away.
When the seasons start to change, so do my floral arrangements throughout the house. Today I started removing the pastel summer flowers and replacing them with bright orange, yellow and rust colors. I do enjoy the creativity of placing the flowers in just the right spot for best viewing. And when these arrangements are completed they will be located throughout the house – autumn everywhere!

Tomorrow is Swap Ideas day. If you have a great one, be sure to share it with others.
Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for reading!

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