Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today is a day set aside to remember a very sad day in our nation’s history - it's Patriot's Day. On this date in 2001, enemies of freedom and democracy attacked us on our own soil, killing many innocent people and causing scars that will last forever.

But  the grace and kindness of the American people shone through during all the days that came after the attack. People stepped up to do whatever they could to help others – people they didn’t even know. And, for a while, everyone was a bit more thoughtful and kind – and patriotic. Flags waved everywhere. After some time, though, we all went back to our complacent lives, but somewhere in the backs of our minds there was a small question: Could it happen again and if so, when?

We don’t have an answer to that question, but our best course of action would seem to be to live our lives. Simply live! Don’t let  the ones who would consider another attack see our fear or our hesitation to do things we’ve always done. Let’s celebrate as always, work as always, love as always.

But always remember…….
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